Organic Hairspa is an exciting new range of hair and skin care products, produced using certified organic ingredients. 

A range of products for the conscious consumer, who refuses to compromise on style and efficiency just because they prefer to go organic.

A range of dynamic concentrates provides the foundation for Organic Hairspa. At the heart of each product is a potent blend of plants that have been revived and rendered more efficient using modern technology.


Why Organic Hairspa:

  • Certified organic ingredients ensure quality on a daily basis  One range, multiple options
  • No need to compromise when it comes to the effect of certified organic ingredients and your beauty
  • You have chosen a lifestyle and we have created the products to complement that lifestyle


Thoroughly sophisticated, simple and always genuine.

This range has been developed in collaboration with some of Scandinavia’s best hair stylists, who routinely work with clients and models wanting “the latest thing” each in their own way. That is why we will always endeavour to keep this range up to date so that it reflects the demands of the conscious consumer. 


Organic Hairspa is produced without the use of suspect substances, such as parabens, Mi, SLS, SLES, phthalates, EDTA or DEA.


The range’s unique formulas contain, among other ingredients, certified organic honey extract, macadamia oil and green tea, which stimulate healthy hair growth and ensure that both hair and skin are supplied with intense moisture and antioxidants.
This is essential for maintaining healthy hair and a beautiful appearance. Hair and skin are thus naturally protected against damage – before it happens.


Fancorsil® Complex

A combination of amino acids from kernel oils that among other, is known from skin care products. Strengthens, softens and smooths the hair and skin.


Sebustop® Complex

Potent and intense Chinese extracts from Rhizomes, Ginger, Great Burnet and Cinnamon that cleanses, balances sebum production and get pores to retract to make them less visible.

Organic Hair Volume Complex

A unique potent blend of Ginseng, Plantain and White Nettle, creating volume and strengthens the hair by amino acids.


Thermal Protection

Amino acids proteins in combination with Silicone molecules, smoothes and leaves the Thermal Protection (about 180° up to a maximum 220°).


Tilicine Complex

A potent concentration of silver Linde buds that protects the cuticle minimizes moisture loss and porosity of the hair fiber layer and softens dry and brittle hair.