If nature hasn’t blessed your hair with extra volume, Root Lift can do it for you! A volumizing scalp spray that gives your hair maximum volume with normal hold from root to tip. Apply to the scalp and then to the lengths and ends.

Use: Apply to freshly-washed hair. Spray the product onto the scalp and then work it out into the lengths and ends.



A beach look – all year round. Create a sexy and casual beach look whenever you like! Ocean Spray is a salt water spray that creates a crisp texture and volume, with a matte finish.

Use: Apply to damp, freshlywashed hair from roots to ends to achieve a real beach look.



Beach hair in a tube! Sea Salt Cream leaves your hair with a unique salt water texture and a lovely shine. Sea Salt Cream is a salt water cream that leaves your hair with a glossy shine – in spite of the dry, volumizing texture that it gives hair.

Use: Apply to damp, freshlywashed hair from roots to ends.



Create texture, definition and hold with Styling Paste. Suitable for all hair types and hair of all lengths where you want visible texture.
You decide: Use this paste to change your look. You can vary the look, depending on whether you use this product on dry or wet hair!

On damp hair: Apply to the lengths and ends, and blow dry for lots of texture with light hold.
On dry hair: Apply to the lengths and ends to achieve texture and a firm hold.



An extremely versatile wax spray – it could hardly be easier! This wax spray is suitable for all hair types and lengths that require separation, texture, hold and shine. The fine mist of wax also makes this product ideal for curls and encourages movement in the hair. It provides the hair with medium hold and shine.

Use: Apply to damp or dry hair.



Never “run dry” when adding volume to hair! A spray that maximizes volume and adds some structure to fine and normal hair. Hair of all lengths is left with a flexible texture and masses of volume.
Use: For maximum volume, lift the hair and spray the product evenly all over the scalp. Finish with a little on the lengths to create uniform structure and volume.

Use on dry hair.
IMPORTANT: Always shake the bottle well before use.



Cosmetic coverage of grey hair or roots. Easy to apply. Also absorbs oil and dirt from the scalp and dries quickly. When you need it most, this is an easy way to cover grey hair or annoying roots. Brown, microfine pigments attach to the individual hairs.

Use: Apply to dry hair.
IMPORTANT: Apply to dry hair. Can be sprayed easily on roots for maximum coverage. Allow the product to dry before touching your hair.



Freshen up your hair with dry shampoo! This dry shampoo is perfect for use between washes. It absorbs excess sebum and leaves hair fresh, more manageable and with more volume. Dry Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and shades.

Use: Apply to dry hair.
IMPORTANT: Always shake the bottle well before use.



Hairspray that lasts – all day long! A unique aerosol spray that provides a flexible yet firm hold, a beautiful sheen and a long-lasting effect – when you want your style to last all day. Firm Mist produces an ultra fine mist for invisible hold.

Use: Apply to dry hair from a distance of about 30 centimetres.



Provides hold and volume, and keeps your hair colour neutral. Violet pigments in Fiber Mousse ensure it minimises unwanted yellowish tones that often occur in coloured hair after a time. The fibres in this mousse create volume, leaving a sensation of thicker hair. Provides heat protection up to 220 °C. Ideal for almost all hair types, short or long.

Use: Apply to damp hair from roots to ends. Important: Shake the bottle before use.



Pamper yourself and your hair with this weightless and softening argan oil! A lovely, balanced oil that contains a unique combination of argan, macadamia and linseed oils to eliminate dryness and frizz. Provides heat protection against styling tools and reduces drying time. Use the oil daily to achieve shiny and well-groomed hair.

Use: Apply to freshly-washed damp or dry hair. Do not rinse out.



Take control of your curls – not the other way round! A luscious cream, ideal for promoting structure, movement or curls in all hair types. Creates light hold and maximum movement without making your hair limp and floppy. Curl Shape Activator also minimizes frizz in curly hair.

Use: Apply to freshly-washed hair that has been towelled dry.



Natural look with flexible hold! Provides flexible hold and leaves your hair with a natural and glossy finish. Moulding Fiber is applied easily however you want.
Ideal for all hair.

Use: Apply to damp or dry hair.



Strong hold and a matte finish – it’s as simple as that! A paste that is easy to distribute through the hair and which lasts all day long.

Use: Apply to damp or dry hair.



Achieve strong hold and an attractive matte finish! All hair types can achieve beautiful structure, definition and volume with this clay wax.
Can be used for both short and medium-length hair.

Use: Apply to damp or dry hair.



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